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Edward Abbey Related Books

These books related to Edward Abbey are also available from Dream Garden Press. You can order these here.

About Edward Abbey

By Edward Abbey

Resist Much, Obey Little. Some Notes on Edward Abbey
James Hepworth & Gregory McNamee (eds). 1985, Dream Garden Press. Paperback. With contributions by Wendell Berry, William Eastlake, Barry Lopez, Richard Shelton, Gary Snyder and others. $10.00
Epitath For A Desert Anarchist. The Life and Legacy of Edward Abbey
James Bishop, Jr. 1994. Atheneum. 1st edition. Hardbound. $22.00
The New West of Edward Abbey. by Ann Ronald
Trade paperback. $15.00
The Serpents of Paradise. A Reader. John McCrae, ed. 1995. Henry Holt. 1st ed. Hardbound. $25.00
Confessions of a Barbarian. Selections from the Journals of Edward Abbey, 1951-1989. Dave Petersen, ed. 1994. Little Brown. 1st ed. Hardbound. $25.00
The Brave Cowboy. Trade paperback. $10.00 Mass market paperback. $4.00
Fire on the Mountain. Trade paperback. $10.00 Mass market paperback. $4.00
Desert Solitaire. Trade paperback. $6.00 Hardbound. $25.00
Black Sun. Mass market paperback. $5.00
The Monkey Wrench Gang. Trade paperback. $12.50 Mass market paperback. $6.00
Journey Home. Trade paperback. $10.00
Down the River. Trade paperback. $10.00
Abbey's Road. Trade paperback. $11.00
Best of Edward Abbey. Trade paperback. $12.00
The Fool's Progress. Trade paperback. $11.00
One Life At A Time, Please. Hardbound, 1st ed. $25.00 Trade paperback. $10.00

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